A few days ago I had my last CAS interview with my mentor Ms.Morgan. It’s crazy how time flies by so fast, and I am now at the end of my CAS journey. The memory of first walking into the IB common room where we had our first CAS lecture with our coordinator Mr. Brown is still fresh in my mind. My CAS journey has been a hell of a ride, and it has changed and shaped the way I see the world I live in. It shall be an experience I will never forget. So what’s a better way to wrap things up and share my thoughts and experiences with my CAS mentor, Mrs Morgan.

In our last meeting together, we discussed my improvements and experiences in CAS since we last met some time ago last year. I told her about the proud moments my CAS groups had when we were able to raise money for Sekolah Bisa during the country fair, book sale and free dress day, and the progress my students in Cyber Shanty made after teaching them for the past year and a half. I shared with her my thoughts on how CAS has changed my perspectives on things and how I managed to complete all the learning outcomes. I also discussed how the activity side of CAS has improved my health and habits in my life, and how I have managed to achieve all my targets. The creative aspect of CAS has made me realise the potential I had in achieving things I wasn’t good at previously, such as photography and baking.

All and all my CAS experience has been amazing! And I am so proud of all the hard work I have put into it.

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