CAS Interview III

As our final exams near and the academic year comes towards an end, unfortunately so does our IB CAS-venture. My final CAS interview with my mentor Mr. Mark O’Rourke was rather sour, filled with not only conversation regarding my CAS activities , but also sad goodbye-s.

During this final meeting, I have had time to reflect on my past activities throughout my 2 years in IB. CAS has allowed me to pursue my passion in advocating for gender equality, especially right here in Indonesia. In fact, The Girl Effect not only has helped me address gender inequalities in our local community, but also the disparities that are very much apparent between their school and ours. Through our unifying love for football, I was able to equip the girls we taught not only with physical skills, but also the skill to question a lot of things in life, such as the existing hatred in our populace and how everyone shouldn’t be ‘branded’, but explored and discovered even deeper. The teaching also wasn’t a one-way street, but rather two.

CAS has also allowed me to reflect on all the privileges I have inherited including access to education, healthcare, and a fortunate, supportive family. The Living Wall has further taught me to count my blessings and remind others that there are always ways to help others. Although we didn’t have direct contact with the community we aimed to help through the Living Wall, we still helped them nonetheless. By asking unwanted questions which bring up rather sad, sudden thoughts such as “if you had one more day to live, what would you do?”, more students in BSJ admitted to have been more aware of how lucky they are. Some even went out of their way and donated out of their own heart.

Although there is undoubtedly still much to do regarding development in Indonesia, I’m happy to say that in the very least, through stories and experiences, I was able to create a ripple in the pond that is progress in my local community.

Despite the halting of our IB adventure, we all know that little CAS advocate within us all will live eternally. After all — kindness knows no end.

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