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Creativity, Activity, Service is an integral part of the IB students’ Diploma. It complements academic study with less formal, experiential learning in situations which challenge and extend students’ capabilities and enable them to recognize and respond to inequality and injustice in society by proposing practical solutions to what often appear to be intractable problems. The program also fosters students’ emotional and psychological maturity and acts as a counterweight to the pressures placed on young people to disengage from or remain passive within society.cas

Students are given the opportunity to participate in a balanced range of activities across the three components and to reflect, in a variety of ways, on their evolution as productive and purposeful agents of change, aware of their capabilities to reshape the world in which they live.

CAS activities are undertaken within and beyond BSJ, both individually and as part of a group, and based around the following components:

Creativity: Often linked to service, but including any activity of a creative nature.

Activity: which includes rigorous physical activity, whether individually or as a team; sports, IB PE, expeditions such as Duke of Edinburgh and IA, the active, physical aspects of creative and service activities.

Service: which covers activities which have a useful impact on, and beneficial consequences for others, including service to the disadvantaged and the disenfranchised; service to the school or the local or international community and custodianship of the environment.

Students are expected to develop in 7 learning outcomes over the course of the CAS programme and demonstrate this development through their digital CAS portfolio.

HOW is CAS organised?

CAS presumes a full and responsible commitment to activities over four terms of the two-year IB program, Students are offered a wide range of well-researched and challenging activities, encouraging, in particular, an engagement with the individuals in the locality beyond school. Activities are also organized to be fully responsive to the unique needs and provisions of the school’s Indonesian setting.

Students are guided to make best use of the opportunities to establish and sustain a purposeful and well-balanced program, building from the program’s core activities and supplementing these with other, self-initiated activities. Whilst respecting students’ independence and ownership of CAS, activities are supported by a teacher, who encourages and supports the student.

Visit the BSJ CAS Blog for more information.

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