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Group 1

Studies in Language and Literature

As part of the Diploma Programme (DP), students take at least one subject from studies in language and literature. Taking two studies in language and literature subjects in different languages is one way of obtaining a bilingual diploma.

The courses offer a broad range of texts, and students grow to appreciate a language’s complexity, wealth and subtleties in a variety of contexts. Students take their studies in a language in which they are academically competent.

At BSJ we offer the following Group 1 Subjects:

Through each course, students are able to develop:

  • a personal appreciation of language and literature
  • skills in literary criticism using a range of texts from different periods, styles and genres
  • an understanding of the formal, stylistic and aesthetic qualities of texts
  • strong powers of expression, both written and oral
  • an appreciation of cultural differences in perspective
  • an understanding of how language challenges and sustains ways of thinking.

Through studies in language and literature, the DP aims to develop a student’s lifelong interest in language and literature, and a love for the elegance and richness of human expression.

Extracted from http://www.ibo.org/en/programmes/diploma-programme/curriculum/language-and-literature/

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