Blogging Beginnings
Blogging Beginnings

Hello people.

My name is Robert Saloedin Menzies Speirs and this is my twelfth year at BSJ (formerly known as BIS). I hail from both Indonesia and Scotland but since I’ve been living here for my whole life, I haven’t really gotten the chance to explore my Scottish heritage. My close family consists of my parents (dad is Scottish, mum is Indonesian), my two older brothers, my remaining Gran and our 6 dogs. I think the IB Diploma program is great because it brings so many students from many different backgrounds together to essentially strive, achieve and connect. For me personally, one of the first challenges was getting to know all the new student’s names as I can be a¬†little forgetful at times.

I enjoy the difficulties IB throws at me because it allows me to develop and work on skills that wouldn’t have been there before. Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed that I have ,somehow, become more organised in terms of work and my time. I remember reading that to de-stress yourself mentally, it helps to remove clutter and disorganisation in your life. Another thing is that I’m excited to work on CAS specifically the service aspect as I’ve been doing a lot of service from previous years and I can finally, officially work together with other people to bring some good change into this world.

Last but not least I’d like to talk about my top 3 strengths according to the VIA survey. They are ranked in this order: Kindness, Leadership and Zest. I can definitely see how they fit into my life and getting these as my top strengths is a nice reminder of who I am and what I’m about.

Career Interests: Business Management (Marketing or Entrepreneurship) or some sort of Media Studies.

Have a good one,


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