Knowledge and Certainty

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The Theory of Knowledge is quite an interesting concept as it asks us to reflect on the nature of how and why we know things. I think being aware of how we understand and know pieces of information is also an awesome topic to debate about as it allows people to put forward their reasons and their varying viewpoints. As a task set by the most magnificent Mr Mahoney, we were to rank a piece of knowledge we learnt from each of our 6 IB subjects and determine the certainty of them.

  • Business HL – The Ansoff Matrix is used to review an organisation’s current product range in various markets. [Fixed]
  • English LangLit HL – Media content has the potential to influence one’s ideology or political stance [May change]
  • CompSci HL – Cache is the fastest form of memory and is either located on or near the CPU and stores the most recent data which is currently being used for operations [May change]
  • Maths SL – A parabola is the graph of a quadratic function [Fixed]
  • ESS SL – Chronic pollution is the build up of released pollutants over a long period of time [Fixed]
  • Spanish B – Molestar means to irritate [Fixed]

Now the pieces of information in order of certainty from most to least:

  1. Business HL
  2. Maths SL
  3. ESS SL
  4. Spanish B
  5. Compsci HL
  6. English HL

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  1. **** A very good attempt! What fiendish trick have you played to capitalise each word?! That’s why bit coins will never be safe. Business & Management (aka Myths & Legends) was a surprise at the top – if it were all true then wouldn’t all businesses flourish? But then I’m just a spiteful maths worshipper. Anyway, we will revisit at the end of the course!

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