Project Horizon – Scratching from Start

Hello again!

This post serves to reflect upon the 9 weeks since the creation of Project Horizon. It’s been an interesting journey so far, full of bureaucracy and postponed meetings but also the opportunity to meet inspirational individuals and passionate organisations. What is Project Horizon? Essentially it’s an umbrella group which aims to enable and assist fellow CAS or nonprofit student programs in Jakarta. We also aim to promote three core values of: sustainability, efficiency and collaboration within other students so that they may bring it with them for the rest of their lives. Additionally we plan to expose and publicize lesser-known charities / causes as well as programs who join us. So what have we been doing so far?

1) Promoting sustainability within our school
I’ve been very lucky to utilize my dad’s vast connections and contact companies individually. Since around June of this year, I’ve been fascinated with the idea of bringing Avani to school because I love the things they make and the idea they’re trying to spread. If you didn’t know already, they create biodegradable, sustainable and compostable packaging products for food! I identified that we call ourselves an ‘eco-school’ yet we always seem to come up short when people ask us how. So what I’m trying to do is implement their products in 3 key areas: School Shop, Antipodean Cafe and in Annapurna’s cafeterias / shops. It’s a big job but this past week has seen a lot of progress towards making that a possibility.

2) Developing our website
Hopefully in the next 2 weeks, our website will be finally launched! It’s going to be the hub for all our information on us, what we do, the student projects we support, our partnered charities and also the companies / people who support our member projects. Another key point is that it’s going to be a platform for us to communicate with students who need do service hours for programs like the International Award. It will allow those who seek to help out programs to easily get in contact with them and hopefully do meaningful work with them. And after weeks of adding to the website we feel like it can finally be published.

3) Setting up the 100 for 100 Challenge
The 100 for 100 challenge is an event which will run from mid/late October till early December as a partnership between Project Horizon and the Yayasan Wisma Cheshire, a foundation dedicated to empowering and enabling disabled individuals in Jakarta. What you do is you think of some sort of challenge that uses the quantity of 100 in it; things like drinking 100 teacups over 2 weeks or doing 100 pushups everyday for a month and then getting friends and family to sponsor you to do it. And so while you undertake the challenge, you must nominate two other people to do the challenge. Eventually on the 3rd of December, we will announce winners who either had the most unique challenge, most creative challenge or the person who raised the most for Wisma Cheshire. They  rely on donations and sales of their handicraft to look after 32 disabled residents in South Jakarta. Look out for news on that next half-term!

Huge thanks to the SLT for dealing with me popping in and out of their offices to talk about upcoming events and proposals.

Have a good half-term break and see you on the 23rd,


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