A “Harrowing” Halloween Experience

Hello again,

It’s been a short while since I’ve posted on this blog due to a very hectic start of the second-half of Term 1 filled with assemblies, meeting and events. But onto the meat of the blog post. Following the success of the PTA Picnic we were once again asked to organise activities for the PTA Halloween event. After a prolonged discussion of potential pastimes, we had made a list of different activities: Two Haunted Houses (one Scary one and one a little less frightening for Primary kids), Trick or Treat (a game where you do tasks for candy), What’s in the box (guessing game) and the classic facepainting.

Reflecting back on the PTA Picnic, I decided that me making all the decisions was inefficient and heavily depended on me being there and understanding the context of the issue. So I asked 6 people to step up and to lead their activities so I would just be there to assist and advise on the day. Time passes and soon enough it’s Friday the 27th of September. By this time we have around 47 people signed up for the event, which in my opinion is quite a substantial amount compared to last time. However only, maybe, 20 of us show up on the Friday afternoon as our first mission to clear the English corridor of tables and chairs as well as move in large poster boards for the haunted houses. Not a great turnout. 2.40 to 4PM turns into 2.40 till 4.45PM and I ask everyone to go home to rest up for tomorrow. Most of the leaders decide to come in early on Saturday as everything still needs to be decorated, “scare-ers” need to be done up and things need to be completed.

Despite arriving an hour late the next morning, there are still not that many people here. But rather than worrying about it, I get stuck into work helping Haunted House 1 and doing regular checks on the progress of others groups. We still needed a bunch of materials and there was quite a lot of last minute ordering however we pushed through and only 20 minutes behind schedule (4.20PM), we opened the doors of the Haunted houses with everyone more or less ready to go.

Overall the event went without a hitch. Some volunteers had to leave early but that was already planned for. So at 7PM everyone got food / rested up before I organized people into teams to clean up. Much to our surprise it only took us an hour and a half to get the rooms into an acceptable state.

While some teachers congratulated me for the great outcome, all I can say is a huge thanks to those who actually did most of the grunt work and did so with commitment and passion. I just did the planning and people management. Kudos to those who volunteered and if you didn’t get to we’ll hopefully see you in May for the Country Fair!

And in relation to the title, the only things that were harrowing was some of the kids who attended. Sure we scared them and some of them were on their best behaviour but it’s not fun if you go again and tell your friends where the jump scares are. Please stop ruining the fun for others.

Ultimately it was a fun but challenging experience and to relate it to CAS I definitely felt it was a combination of the first, second, third, fourth and eighth outcomes. 

But that’s all for now.

– R

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