A “Harrowing” Halloween Experience

Hello again, It’s been a short while since I’ve posted on this blog due to a very hectic start of the second-half of Term 1 filled with assemblies, meeting and

Project Horizon – Scratching from Start

Hello again! This post serves to reflect upon the 9 weeks since the creation of Project Horizon. It’s been an interesting journey so far, full of bureaucracy and postponed meetings

The Volunteering Experience

`Twas a sunny day when the IME conference committee were looking for volunteers. I had actually been interested to come as a participant as the speakers lined up were quite

Blogging Beginnings
Blogging Beginnings

Hello people. My name is Robert Saloedin Menzies Speirs and this is my twelfth year at BSJ (formerly known as BIS). I hail from both Indonesia and Scotland but since

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