My Activity Plan

My Activity Plan

The ‘Activity’ part of CAS is possibly the area I’m weakest on. As of right now, I have two activities underway: Nike Fitness and Pilates.

I’m doing Nike Fitness every two weeks in PE class. I chose this activity because fitness is one of the sport activities I sort of like, and also because I know that in Nike Fitness, I will be forced to do the work, unlike in some other sports where I can stand around and get away with doing nothing. I feel like I will benefit a lot from this activity if I truly try hard – my main goal is to improve my stamina and lose weight. I don’t really have any concerns, perhaps other than the fact that it will be very challenging (I’m not a very sporty person). This activity will push me to improve my stamina, because it focuses mainly on basic workout skills such as sit-ups, jumping jacks, running, etc. Individually, they’re not very hard to do, but when I have to do them all continuously without rest, it becomes very tiring. I get tired very easily, so I know that this will prove as a challenge. I think I’m most excited for the outcome if I work hard and succeed, since the activity itself is not that exciting or enjoyable. I know this intrinsic motivation will make me try my best in Nike Fitness, and hopefully by the end of it, I will have succeeded in achieving my goal and completing the following learning outcomes:
1. LO2 – I undertake challenges, I develop new skills: Nike Fitness will definitely challenge me and I hope to gain new skills in my workout routine. For example, a few weeks ago, I learned how to do basic boxing in Nike Fitness.
2. LO4 – I show commitment, I persevere: By showing up to every Nike Fitness class and persevering through the difficult exercises, I show that I am committing to the activity.

I’m doing Pilates lessons every week to improve/stop the worsening of my scoliosis. Through Pilates, I strive to gain better control over my muscles and my body – I learn how to walk correctly, keep a proper position, and do exercises that force me to control and strengthen my muscles. My physical health is the main reason why I do Pilates, since it’s not really something I enjoy. It is very challenging and at times painful, and I expect it to continue being challenging. The pain is what I’m most nervous about as I go to each Pilates class, but again, I am excited for the outcome. It is meant to lessen my back pain and to let me have better posture. Through Pilates, I am working towards the following learning outcomes:
1. LO1 – I identify my strengths, I identify areas for growth: In pilates, I’m always going to be looking for ways to improve my body, posture, and physical strength.
2. LO4 – I show commitment, I persevere: By going to Pilates every week, I’m showing commitment to the activity.

Since I’m quite dreading the fact of having to stay committed to these activities, this is a video of pretty much the only sport I like watching. It is of Aliya Mustafina, one of my favourite gymnasts, doing a gold-winning uneven bars exercise at the London 2012 Olympics. Artistic gymnastics is such a tough sport so whenever I watch it, I feel like I should probably be doing something productive with my life.

Below is the table that I plan to use for my activities. Because my primary goal is to improve my stamina and physical health, I will be measuring my heartbeat at the end of each session. If my heartbeat gradually becomes lower as I do more sessions, then I will know that I am succeeding and becoming healthier.


I hope that by the end of my IB CAS experience, I’ll have a fonder outlook towards sports and activities, and that I’ll benefit from everything that I did.

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  1. Good work Ivy, This is nicely written and there is some good analysis and reflection. You’ve been very honest and thought carefully about what you are doing in your activity.

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