CAS Reflection: Progress

CAS Reflection: Progress

Learning Outcome 1: I identify my strengths, I identify areas for growth
So far, this learning outcome has been hard to achieve. I think I addressed this learning outcome when I was designing the formals tickets, posters, and banner because it allowed me to see how I could improve on the skills that I already have. I plan to apply this in my service project too (teaching street kids English) where I evaluate methods that are working well and methods that I should change. I feel as if I have applied this several times to my service project already, where I change games because the previous one did not work out, or where I change teaching methods to make the kids more interested. However, I plan to try even more new things to attempt to improve my teaching methods. Furthermore, I addressed this learning outcome in my two activities – Nike Fitness and Pilates – where I identify which parts of my body are stronger and which parts need work (abs and mostly the upper body area).

Learning Outcome 2: I undertake challenges, I develop new skills
I think I have addressed this learning outcome mostly in my creativity projects. All of the design projects I did were very challenging because of the person’s demands. Along the way, I learned new skills on Adobe Illustrator that I didn’t have before. When people ask me to include something and I don’t know how to do it, I search it up and through that, I learned how to do so many new things. I also think I addressed this in my activities. Both Nike Fitness and Pilates are extremely challenging. Nike Fitness is very tiring and Pilates can hurt a lot of the time. However, through them, I learn new skills about how to control my body and have better posture (especially in Pilates).

Learning Outcome 3: I plan and initiate
This is one of the learning outcomes I’ve addressed the most, because all CAS projects require planning. For my creativity projects, I’ve had to plan my designs before I actually start making them. For my activities, I have to plan about what I want to achieve. As for my service, I plan every week for the lesson that I’ll be teaching so that I will be prepared.

Learning Outcome 4: I show commitment, I persevere
For all of my CAS projects, I have had to show commitment and perseverance. My creativity projects required a great deal of commitment because I had to dedicate a lot of my time to designing and making multiple advertising mediums – and they’re not fast to make. Furthermore, the person in charge will almost always request for changes (often more than five times) so through that, I show my perseverance. As for activity and service, I show commitment by showing up every week to do the activity and service project, although they might be tiring and difficult.

Learning Outcome 5: I demonstrate collaborative skills, I recognise the benefits of collaboration
This is another learning outcome that has been easier to achieve, because I’ve had to collaborate with others in so many of my projects, especially creativity. For my design projects, I’ve had to collaborate with the person in charge to make a design that they like. We share ideas between us and decide on what works best. For the Cafeteria Christmas Decoration project, I’ve had to collaborate with my fellow friends and classmates to design the layout as well as actually decorate the cafeteria. I’ve also addressed this learning outcome in my Tiny School Movement service project, where I work with other group members to plan and build a school for underprivileged kids. This learning outcome is harder to achieve for activity because my activities are very individual. Perhaps in the future, I can join an after school sports team (like badminton) so I can work with others.

Learning Outcome 6: I engage with issues of global significance
I have addressed this mostly in my service projects because I am mostly working with underprivileged children as well as building a school for poor kids with my TSM group. I think I may have addressed this by designing the Tiny School Movement logo, which promotes awareness for our cause and for educational rights for poor kids. This is harder to address for my activities. I might have to try and join a group that coaches underprivileged children how to play a sport, although this will be difficult for me because I am not very good at sports.

Learning Outcome 7: I recognise ethical issues, I act ethically
This learning outcome is difficult to address. I’ve addressed it when I decorated the cafeteria by not including any religious symbols that might offend anyone. I also dress appropriately every time I go for my service project, but I am not sure how I will address it more directly and especially for my activity. I think this is the learning outcome I have to work on the most.

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  1. Excellent, well done Ivy. This is very reflective and honest which is very important. You are doing an excellent job with your blog and are a really good example to other students.

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