CAS Mentor Interview 2

CAS Mentor Interview 2

For my second CAS mentor interview, we discussed what I have done in CAS so far. I have done the most for creativity, where I did many graphic design projects (TSM logo, MPC logo, Formals merchandising/ticketing, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream merchandising/ticketing) as well as help with the Christmas cafeteria decorating. My creativity projects really helped me learn new skills on softwares such as Photoshop and Illustrator. My mentor suggested that since I have done so much for creativity, I should start focusing more on other areas.

For activity, I have done Pilates and Nike Fitness, and I’m currently doing Tennis. I explained to my mentor what I did and learned from these activities – Pilates helped me control my scoliosis and Nike Fitness helped me exercise more every week and become healthier/fitter. He pointed out that I should do the checkpoints and reflections on my activities to show my progress.

As for service, I have joined Tiny School Movement and Tri Kusuma Bangsa (teaching street kids English). I explained to my mentor the difficulties of teaching and interacting with kids, trying to get them to stay interested and focused, and how to make lessons effective. My mentor gave me teaching tips like fun trivia and educational games, or watching videos so the class is more engaged. I have done some of these things in my lessons, but will try to incorporate more. We then discussed potential other service projects for me. I told him about an organization I volunteered for a few years ago that collected trash and turned them into accessories and stationery such as pencil cases, bags, and wallets. He told me that it would be good to do something environmental like that because it’s different from the other projects I did so far, which are more educational.

Overall, my mentor said that I have been doing well in CAS and that I’m on the right track. He also reminded me to try and do as much as possible this year because I’ll be extremely busy next year. Lastly, he reminded me to keep updating my tracker and post my reflections to document and prove my experiences.

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