BSJ Formals Design – CREATIVITY

BSJ Formals Design – CREATIVITY

For this Creativity project, I designed the posters, banner, and tickets for the school formals. These are the process photos:

This project allowed me to address LO1 and LO7:

LO1: I identify my strengths, I identify areas for growth
This was my second time doing a large design project where I designed posters, banners, and tickets, so I took my strengths from the last project and applied it here, which included color combination and using Adobe Illustrator. Doing something like this also helped me identify areas for growth for future projects, namely creating more complex designs.

LO7: I recognize ethical issues, I act ethically
I had to modify and alter my designs because they included people drinking wine (alcohol) which was unethical for a school formals. I wanted to avoid promoting alcoholism even if they make the design look better and more historically accurate.

These are the final designs:

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