Activity Checkpoint 3: Pilates

Activity Checkpoint 3: Pilates

Pilates has definitely been helping me in my day-to-day life. Occasionally, my instructor makes me do rounds of walking with a ‘proper posture’ so that I hold my back straight, have my feet placed correctly, and am not leaning to the right like I normally do. We also do breathing exercises regularly. I have recently found out that I enjoy side stretches and side extensions more among the other exercises we do because I think it helps my uneven spine. Stretches really help me ease my strained muscles and correct my posture. Pilates has allowed me to address some learning objectives, especially LO1 and LO2.

LO1: I identify my strengths, I identify areas for growth
While doing Pilates, I am constantly trying to both improve my body and build my strength. A lot of Pilates exercises are harder than I would expect, and sometimes it can be painful, so I build from things that I’m successful at and use them to do more complex things. This can be seen in the development of my strength of side stretches, which my instructor took and incorporated into other exercises, such as activities on the spine corrector as well as encouraging me to do side extensions, which are harder and more complex than side stretches.

LO2: I undertake challenges, I develop new skills
Pilates is definitely a challenge because of how demanding and tiring it is. I have had to improve my flexibility while doing this activity, as well as minor things like breathing correctly. Through this, however, I developed new skills in the exercises that I do.

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