Service Reflection: Tiny School Movement

Service Reflection: Tiny School Movement

For this service project, I worked with my group members to help build schools for underprivileged children living in poor communities. We worked with SOS, whom we donated the school to. The school that we built is in Rancamaya. Our roles included finding and communicating with sponsors, consulting with engineers, and helping fund the school and take care of the progress until completion.

This project allowed me to address the following learning objectives:

LO5: I demonstrate collaborative skills, I recognize the benefits of collaboration
To make this project a success, I had to work with my fellow teammates, and we’ve had to collaborate with the engineers and the people in the community. Without collaboration and teamwork, we never would have been able to successfully complete the project and give the underprivileged children the education they deserve.

LO7: I recognize ethical issues, I act ethically
Building a school in an area is a big thing, so we have had to communicate with the people in the area to make sure they’re okay with it in case they either didn’t want the school or aren’t fine with us intruding in their community. We also had to make sure that we didn’t exploit the workers who were building the school.

Overall, I’m glad I participated in this project because it has allowed me to truly value my education, seeing that others do not have access to it.

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