Final CAS Interview Reflection

Final CAS Interview Reflection

For my final CAS interview, my mentor and I reflected on all the CAS projects I did and how successful they were, my time management, and overall what I learned from CAS.

Throughout CAS, I have definitely been most enthusiastic about my creative projects. I did many design projects and self-taught so many skills that I can apply in the future. Some of my design work even benefited me for my university portfolio. They definitely helped me take challenges, collaborate with people commissioning work, and further develop my graphic design skills. I finished my design and creativity projects earlier on, which was something my mentor and I discussed previously. Since my design projects took a lot of time, I strove to finish them all in Year 12. This time management worked out well for me.

As for activity, I admitted that this was by far my least favorite aspect of CAS. I deliberately chose individualized activities such as fitness and pilates so that I would be forced to do work instead of stand around in a team game. This has also worked well because I felt that I benefited from the rigorous individualized activities that I did, especially because they catered specifically to my needs. Even when I did group Nike Fitness, our instructor often asked us what we wanted to work on, and as for Pilates, I had a private instructor. This has definitely made me work harder in activity and I even found it to be a nice balance against all my schoolwork.

Finally, we talked about my service projects and how they were the most difficult to complete. This was because they had to be done over a long period of time and they were very time-consuming. Despite that, I wrapped up two of them by the end of Year 12. The third one took more time because it was for Tiny School Movement and we had a lot more to work with and finalizations to make. Even though service was very challenging, I think I gained a lot from it. My mentor and I discussed how much I learned from teaching English to street kids, dealing with the teamwork and external problems in TSM, and collaboration challenges for Jukebox.

Overall, I thought that CAS was a very enlightening and unique experience. Though I doubted enjoying it so much and learning so much from it, I fortunately proved myself wrong.

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