Activity 2 Final checkpoint

For this checkpoint I used a three day competition to take what I have improved in a real competition where it matters. The the results were pretty good scoring 79,78 and 76 for the three day competitions however there is always room for improvement.

Throughout the competition I seemed to get bogey’s every time I had missed the green or fairway. To me these were simple mistakes that always costs a lot in the end of totaling the score. Throughout the competitions I averaged 14 / 18 fairways and 15 /18 greens , so seeing these results I should be able to score much lower and better. But I must say that throughout the three day competition my driving has been a bit off thus missing a lot of fairways. Overall the scores are good however could be easily improved if I am able to hit more fairways and greens. But I have much improved in my long irons and short ones as well so I believe that I have met my goal in some occasions but would like to average it throughout the competition. Hopefully I can continue my improvements and try to win the next tournament.

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