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Here are my mission and vision statement :

Mission : As I start IB, I would want to achieve a target score of 40 in IB. I will dedicate my time and effort into the school work to be able to achieve this goal. I will try to learn more and more through reading deeper into the subjects and reading real life examples, especially in business. I will also have to ensure that I’m very organized and plan ahead as I also work hard at sports and trying to achieve my goals in them. Lastly, for CAS I will be committed in helping the Sekolah bBisa kids learning to use a computer to make sure they all are benefiting from something they are not able to have as a daily basis.

Vision : Beyond school I would like to be able to use the knowledge gained during my school time (especially business)  to start some sort of business. Also I would like to help a charity to help those who aren’t as lucky as I am and hope that it will benefit them similar to CAS Cyber Shanty project.