Giving from the heart [creativity]


To buy books and materials for the kids in our reading club, we decided to host a fundraising event in a school (National High). I think fundraising is engaging with issues of global significance because not only are we raising money for the children, but we are also raising awareness about illiteracy in Indonesia to the people buying our items.

For our fundraising event, we had to use our creativity. I designed bags and notebooks that were sold in the event. Photo on the left shows some of my designs. We also sold assorted cards. Caroline and Jessica sold the food that they baked (donuts, cookies, etc).

In order to get people to buy our things, we had to promote our cause. We walked around telling people about what we were using the money for–that we were a non profit raising money to buy books for children. A lot of people were moved by what they were doing. It was amazing to be able to be a voice to the children in the kampung, to share about illiteracy and the importance of fostering the habit of reading. Using the money we raised, we were able to buy 100 books for the children in our reading clubs. (LO6)

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