CAS mentor meeting 2

I had my second CAS mentor meeting with Mr Shand, this was very helpful to me in assessing how  far I have come in CAS and where I need to go. For creativity  have been involved in many small projects throughout the year however these in the end accounted for most of my CAS creativity. It made me realise the importance of smaller projects on the larger scale and the importance of getting involved wherever I can. For Activity I took part constantly in NIKE fitness as well as personal fitness regimes and as a result I a far fitter than I have ever been. My service was a large talking point of the discussion as it has been my constant project in CAS; optimal health and A4N both of which I have been heavily involved in through the year. The CAS mentor meeting allowed to me to replect on my past CAS year and set some goals for next year such as going to morning fitness and how my service projects will be passed on to y 12.

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