CAS interview three!

In year 12 and 13 CAS really allowed me to develop my skills and give back to the community in ways which I had not been given he opportunity to before. This was what was discussed with my mentor in our third (and last) CAS interviewee.

In service I took part in optimal health, a service project which provided three rounds of vaccinations for the local children of sekola bisa. These vaccinations are supplied to schools by the government but since these children at sekola bisa do not have birth certificates they cannot attend public school. This project also managed the nutritional aspect of sekola bisa by collecting funds and donating rice to the school. We raised 2 million from a bake sale in year 12 and also managed to set up a dental program where a hospital come to the school to deliver teeth checkups and cleaning for the children. We have achieved our intended goals as we administered the vaccinations, set up the dental program and raised money for the school. Our project was/is sustainable as most the the hospitals provide the checkups and vaccinations for the children for free and so money raised can go to other aspects of the children’s health such as nutrition. The year 12s who are taking over this year hopefully will maintain the contacts we made throughout our time and continue to work hard to benefit the children of sekola bisa. In this project the challenges that we undertaken lead me to understand how we can make a difference in our community and how small actions have big consequences on those around us the most significant learning out come for me here was “LO6:I engage with issues of global significance”

I incorporated creativity in my service projects in many ways. My architecture for nature group used software to design a medical room which was then build and then decorated by us. I also took part in many school activities such as the summer fair, christmas decorating, the haunted house all of which benefitted the school community. Also my baking group we baed for children in cybershanty.  Creativity allowed me to adres ethical and social issues as well as bond with a team.

In my activity aspect of CAS I feel I was successful. All through year 12 I participated in NIKe fitness during PE and then spinning in year 13. I was also motivated to start attending the school gym as well as get membership for my own gym to use in my spare time. I really feel as though my fitness has improved drastically in the last year and a half and CAS is the element that has allowed for continuity and stability of routines as well as goals to meet.

Overall, I have completed all the required reflections and attended all required CAS interviews with my supervisor and provided evidence of my CAS into my blog.

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