Check point TWO! CAS Activity 3

Spinning is a very new skill for me and after each class I have to stretch to avoid being in constant pain for the next week. I have not been able to go over resistance level 5 however I am hoping that by being persistent I can go up to 6 in the next month. So far I have greatly enjoyed my classes as the group setting is motivating.

Final CAS activity three!

Wow, spinning has been such a enjoyable but extremely challenging new skill to develop. I have enjoyed my weekly sessions as they provide me with a time in school where I can feel focused on something that is not my school work which is incredibly beneficial to my over all well being. I have in the end been able to reach resistance level 10 and I am happy with my progress, I think I progressed most because I showed perseverance LO4 and was able to decide on a simple goal that I was able to to achieve week to week LO3. I think I really enjoyed the group setting of this work out class and have enjoyed developing a new skill which I hope to continue in term 3 LO2. This activity has really benefitted my social and school life and I really feel the benefit of group work out classes where we are all able to motivate and be there for each other.

Activity 3 check point three!

Spinning has definitely been an exceptionally challenging experience, the 30 minuet lessons once a week leave me feeling tired but also with a sense of achievement. By following a structured program set by a teacher I am able to follow a lesson plan and end each lesson with a feeling of accomplishment. So far I am able to bring the resistance up to 7 and I am pleased with my progress.

CAS ACTIVITY 3: check point one for a group fitness spinning class for three months to increase fitness levels and improve stamina

In term 1 I decided to challenge my self to try a new sport and develop a new skill. I decided to do a group fitness spinning class for three months to increase fitness levels and improve stamina. I want to work to improve my fitness and endurance and I feel as though PE spinning is a fantastic opportunity to do so. I have decided that in each class I will be increasing the resistance on the bike in order to make the work out progressively more difficult, I will measure my improvement buy how much I am able to turn the resistance up to before the work out becomes too difficult.

Final CAS check point 10K

I completed the 10K in one hour 11 minuets which I am happy with because it was under one hour 15. I feel like this journey has been physically and mentally challenging, allowing me to explore the extent of my fitness. Completing the 10K is an achievement I have enjoyed and I think has been incredibly fulfilling. This CAS activity as a whole has allowed me to complete LO1: Identify areas for growth (As I realise my fitness was deteriorating therefore decided to do a 10K) LO3: I plan and initiate (as I had a goal and developed a plan to meet said goal) and LO4: I persevere (10K is not something that I could have done a year ago and although it was challenging I did it)


Check point three: CAS activity

I have currently finished week 5, however since I was in the UK I had to completed the 20K outside and ran around 3K each day. Since y12 my fitness has increased a considerable amount. In y11 I was not able to run at all and was out of breath all the time, I feel as though running a 10K would be a good marker of how far my fitness has come. By running outside I am able to test different terrains and enjoy it more than I would have indoors. I feel as though my progress is continuing well.

Check point 2: CAS activity: 10K

i have found my progress to be challenging but rewarding. So far I have completed week one which was to run 10K in one week, I began with running 2K a day in the mornings before school. I have in the past done treadmill exsersies however not constantly nor have I added up weekly distances. Having a goal makes running more rewarding. I was motivated to complete this buy my NIKE fitness in y12.

Activity blog post 1: Design and complete a personalised program so I can run 10k

I have a personal goal to run the Jakarta 10K in less that an hour and 15 minutes. I intend to design a program that allows me to improve my fitness to the point where I am able to do this. I have planned that our two months I am going to gradually increase the distance I cover.

week one: 10 K

Week two: 13 K

Week three: 13K

Week four: 15 K

Week five: 20K

Week six: Rest and 5K

CAS mentor meeting 2

I had my second CAS mentor meeting with Mr Shand, this was very helpful to me in assessing how  far I have come in CAS and where I need to go. For creativity  have been involved in many small projects throughout the year however these in the end accounted for most of my CAS creativity. It made me realise the importance of smaller projects on the larger scale and the importance of getting involved wherever I can. For Activity I took part constantly in NIKE fitness as well as personal fitness regimes and as a result I a far fitter than I have ever been. My service was a large talking point of the discussion as it has been my constant project in CAS; optimal health and A4N both of which I have been heavily involved in through the year. The CAS mentor meeting allowed to me to replect on my past CAS year and set some goals for next year such as going to morning fitness and how my service projects will be passed on to y 12.

Activity reflection 3

Over the past year in y12 my fitness has been better than it has been in the last 7 years. I started running, sometimes going to the gym and doing nike PE, I am at the point now where I don’t understand how I spent so many years not excerziing. I have lowered my resting heart rate overall backed up by doctors visits I remember I was somewhere in in high sixties, however now I am in in high fifties to low sixties.