CAS mentor meeting 2

I had my second CAS mentor meeting with Mr Shand, this was very helpful to me in assessing how  far I have come in CAS and where I need to go. For creativity  have been involved in many small projects throughout the year however these in the end accounted for most of my CAS creativity. It made me realise the importance of smaller projects on the larger scale and the importance of getting involved wherever I can. For Activity I took part constantly in NIKE fitness as well as personal fitness regimes and as a result I a far fitter than I have ever been. My service was a large talking point of the discussion as it has been my constant project in CAS; optimal health and A4N both of which I have been heavily involved in through the year. The CAS mentor meeting allowed to me to replect on my past CAS year and set some goals for next year such as going to morning fitness and how my service projects will be passed on to y 12.

Activity reflection 3

Over the past year in y12 my fitness has been better than it has been in the last 7 years. I started running, sometimes going to the gym and doing nike PE, I am at the point now where I don’t understand how I spent so many years not excerziing. I have lowered my resting heart rate overall backed up by doctors visits I remember I was somewhere in in high sixties, however now I am in in high fifties to low sixties.

TOK real presentation

My first TOK presentation went terribly; I got a 3. I improved to some extent this time and got a 6 however this is not the grade I want so I will have to re-do the presentation next school year. I opted to do it alone as that meant I had more control over it. I think in the end my claims were not based in the WOK enough and were more connected to my own ideas, as well as my explanations and evidence were derived from outside data rather than own experience.

My presentation was too complicated and therefore i got lost many times which added up to 17 minuets. Also I was very nervous which made me lose my place a lot and made it seem as though I hadn’t practised enough. Next time to improve I will complete the planning sheet earlier on to ensure it gets checked properly and I will follow the TOK guide lines more and base my claims and counter claims put more simply. I think I understand TOK much more now than I  did since my last presentation however I clearly have a while to go until I get to the place I want.

School play Props manager

One of the most challenging experiences this year for me was being the props manager for the school play ‘Emile and the detectives’. This was my first role of any kind backstage in a school play and I was very nervous that I was going to make a mistake. My job was effectively organising and finding all the props and aligning them to what scene they were needed in, providing the actors with smooth transitions and fixing/making props. I had a small team of  lovely y7-9s who helped me a lot and made everything much easier. I was required to miss a day of school and two weekends. Most of the work that occurs for a play happens behind the scenes, Mrs fisher was a very talented director and managed to produce a really high quality play that I dont think many others could achieve with such a young cast.

Furthermore, backstage crew are always on their feet running around trying to find everything before it is needed, they stay late come early and dont take breaks. I become very absorbed in the play I was able to pick apart each scenes props and determine what wasn’t quite right, even if it was unnoticeable to the audience. All in all I learnt a lot I was given a leadership role which I was completely unprepared for in a completely new environment. I really enjoyed the experience although it was stressful and I loved the experience of seeing a final product of peoples collective hard work.


Country Fair- Face painting!

Image result for face painting

During the eco friendly country fair our school had this year I opted to help the PTA. By utilizing the skills I developed in IGCSE Art last year I provided face painting from 12-3 pm with a group of other students, We aimed to raise about 700,000 from tokens to later give to a charity of the PTAs choice. I had only face painted children once and it did not go well however now my skills are more refined so I was able to do more completed designs for the children. They were all very cute and I enjoyed it a lot!

LO5- Working collaboratively

LO1- Own strengths and areas for personal growth

Optimal Health dental check ups for SB

During lunch time on Friday April 26th we went to visit sekolah bisa and observe the dental check ups for the children that we, optimal health, had organised. It was a new ongoing project that we were excited to organise, raise money for and bring to the children after the vaccinations that we carried out some months before. The procedure was carried out in a moveable van with all the equipment inside and an accompanying dentist and nurse. We hope that this improved the children’s well being and will be carried on next year.

TOK presentation reflection

For our first practise TOK presentation I was in a pair with Vivian. It was supposed to last at least 10 minutes and be a spoken presentation. Overall I was unhappy but not surprised with the three out of ten that we received. While in writing our presentation looked good and (we thought) covered all areas the final result did not convey this. I find spoken presentations hard and they make me nervous so I was reading straight from the sheet most of the time. Our Real life situation was the Muslim travel ban, this caused us problems as the issue was on going and we did not really connect it entirely to our knowledge question furthermore we talked about it for too long. Our knowledge question was “Do logic and reason justify our political decisions” The political bit narrowed our ability. We didn’t have enough TOK language in our presentation either, and the memes as they “detract from the professional standard”, something which we will not do next time.Our presentation did last long enough so that was something. However, next time the structure needs to be followed more consistently; now having watched other peoples presentations I feel like I understand what is actually being asked of us whereas before I had no idea.

CAS reflection 3

Learning outcomes: How I personally have begun to address this through my CAS Service project

Optimal Health

1. I identify my strengths, I identify areas for growth: Needs to be worked on, as I mainly do the jobs I feel comfortable in.

2. I undertake new challenges, I undertake new skills: When organising a bake sale I had to organise with many people I would never otherwise talk to. Furthermore Optimal health as a whole i.e organising other peoples healthcare is new to me.

3. I plan and initiate: Planned a bake sale and contacted the CAT team, helped in inventory, assisted in planning out the vaccination schedule and we worked together as a team to visit sekolah bisa and make contact with the children

4. I show commitment, I persevere we have stuck with sekolah bisa from day one, any difficulties with the timing of the vaccinations we overcame, we committed to fundraisers which we organised in a team even when the date, venue, and CAT proposal were unclear

5. I demonstrate collaborative skills, I recognise the benefits of collaboration:The project as a whole requires collaboration, we have constant communication within the group and with the sekolah bisa managers and children. With out the communication no jobs would be allocated and nothing would happen we work as a team to survive. In the fundraiser we also had to work with other year groups

6. I engage with issues of global significance:Children’s health, particularly unprivileged children’s health could be said to be a global concern therefore our actions in attempting to benefit their nutrition and lifestyle could have global significance.

7. I recognise ethical issues, I act ethically NB. :  We recognize the ethical issues behind the lack of birth certificates as well as perhaps exposing the children to a world which they have not asked to be a part of. However the ethical issues behind vaccinations outweigh the lives that could be saved or even just improved, furthermore the caretakers of the children are fully debriefed on any procedure their child is under going

Optimal Fundraising Bake Sale: Cookies, Cupcakes and 4 hours of baking

The above photo was at 5 pm after an hour of shopping and before a baking marathon

Optimal health needed funds for a new dental scheme for the Sekolah Bisa children. Bake sales get you cash, therefore a bake sale was what was going to happen. However, bake sales are not as easy as they may appear. The date needs to be approved, you need people (and in this case the year eights who we spoke to in tutor time and sent numerous emails to), you need to email the BSJ helpers to grab you a table at the last minute, you need to hunt down accounting and get change and finally you need actual baked goods!

While I had never put together a bake sale before I didn’t think it would be that stressful however this was my first time really taking charge of a project and I immensely enjoyed every minute of it. In the end Optimal Health with the help of year eights worked collaboratively to produce 50 cupcakes, over 150 cookies and brownies, it all sold out in about 30 minutes and we raised 2 million!

LO2: Undertook new challenges- This was my first time organising an event, no matter how small or how much I feel it could be improved I still completed the task to the best of my ability.

LO3: Planned an initiated activities- Planned and organized the sale        

LO4: Worked collaboratively with others- Year eights and Optimal Health year 12 came together to make it happen and I met people like the accounting office and BSJ helpers