Final CAS interview

During my final CAS interview, the following issues were discussed: The most significant learning outcome, which I perceived to be LO5 (concerning collaborative skills and working collaboratively), since the ability to work collaboratively is integral to any project or startup. The final outcome of my project, which was a magazine (completed) the benefit of my […]

CAS reflection 5

LO1: In Jukebox magazine, strength identification was made blatant through division of labour; members divided themselves based on interests and capabilities. However, I was also able identify areas for growth by undertaking activities I was unfamiliar in (i.e. photoshop) LO2: As part of the design team in Jukebox, it was necessary for me to undertake […]

Learning Piano

Over the course of year 12, I learnt to play the piano to overcome stress. LO2: I achieved LO2 by challenging myself in developing a new skill ie. playing the piano during a stressful and difficult time in my IB-student career. LO4: I achieved LO4 by having weekly lessons, and continuously having these lessons despite […]

Reading with Sekolah Bisa

LO6: I engaged with issues of global significance by aiding students in Sekolah Bisa with basic reading and provide free education, and thus hopefully help them overcome illiteracy. LO7: I achieved LO7 by making sure that I attended all teaching sessions on time.


Went to Kota Tua, Jakarta to take photos for the New Horizons literary and arts anthology. LO3: I achieved LO3 by planning the photography project 2 weeks in advance; I created an itinerary for all the places my friends and I should visit to take photos. LO6: I achieved LO6 by taking photos that showcase […]

International award

Gold International Award expedition to Mount Semeru LO2: I undertook a challenge by going on a 5 day hiking expedition in an unfamiliar terrain/place. LO4: I showed commitment by attending after school training sessions in preparation for the expedition; I showed perseverance by not giving up during the hike and reaching the peak of the […]

TOK presentation reflection

What went well: the presentation had a clear structure passion regarding the topic discussed was evident topic discussed was relevant and current a good understanding of the theory surrounding the topic discussed real life examples given 2 AOKs and 2 WOKs given, with advantages and disadvantages of all of the above explored. time management concise […]

student tutoring

Over the easter holiday, I had the opportunity to help a year 11 student in his English literature course. We met up over the holidays so that I could give him more effective and direct help.  

CAS reflection 3

Learning outcomes How I have personally begun to address this through my CAS service project 1) I identify my strengths, I identify areas for growth I identify that my strengths lie in the more creative aspects of the project (Jukebox magazine), such as graphic design. My area for growth mainly regards confidence in public speaking […]