My last residential at BSJ

I must’ve probably been to Lido Lakes 3-4 times by now. First time I went there, the school was still called BIS. Meanwhile Lido Lakes still looks the same as ever, glad to see it still looking strong. Obviously the activities were different but were centered around one thing: teamwork. Whether you’re building a raft, positioning yourself so you could cover a teammate in paintball, or simply dancing a cèilidh, it still required individuals to work together. So one of the main things I learnt from the residential: teamwork makes the dream work.

I think the main difference between this residential and all the others I’ve attended, is that everyone at the residential was more mature and I was more aware of what was going on compared to me in Year 4. I remember not even knowing where to go when we went on residentials when I was younger. I thoroughly enjoyed the range of activities we got to do. Compared to earlier years, they were definitely more risky and thrilling (aside from painting ’cause that’s always been there). The activity that challenged me the most was probably the raft building. Aside from tying knots which half of us probably didn’t even know how to tie, the raft my group built collapsed as soon as it touched the water. No doubt the painters at the time saw us. We still tried to race with an improvised motor, I was the improvised motor. Even though we didn’t even reach quarter-way, we still had fun!

I’d say the event that surprised me the most was the Scottish cèilidh. We have had dance nights before but it was mostly disorganised and we could do what ever we wanted to, however for this residential it was a Scottish dance organised by Mr. McIvor of all people! Most of the boys I’m sure were anxious to pick a partner. When we finally got to dancing, my pair got picked for best dance, although only a small section of it. Zelina and I were shocked and in disbelief as the rest of the year were laughing and/or clapping as danced for the most of 12 seconds. That night was probably the most tiring night as most if not all students I saw were exhausted as they were leaving the ballroom.

I’d say that this residential was the most eventful and most exciting. I’ll gladly remember this as one of my fondest memories of BSJ.