Tedx Talks Reflection

Recently, some Year 13 students gave their opinions, concepts and ideas about existing problems that exist in Indonesia and even the world. All the talks were interesting as each of the year 13s explained to us how they dealt with the problem they presented and possible hopes for the future of solving the problem. The talk that piqued my interest was the first one by Wilson – Endless Battle on the Road. He explained about the ever-growing traffic problem in Jakarta especially. I took a liking to this because I’ve lived in Indonesia most of my life and I’ve visited a variety of countries and I can say without a doubt that Indonesia has the worst traffic problem out of every country in the world in terms of it happening on a day to day basis. And I agree with Wilson on the fact that traffic has changed drastically throughout the years, because I’ve experienced it firsthand. But how does this link to TOK? Well I did some digging and I am confident that this talk links to these AOKs and WOKs.

AOK 1: Maths

The idea that Wilson presented to help solve the traffic problem was a drone outfitted with a camera and a program that could predict when it’s safe for the cars to move. Along with his “Green Wave” which was his idea of fixing the absurd traffic light timers, in which I agree on; we need a alter the timers on the traffic lights. He represented this in the form of a graph. If the traffic lights were to switch between red and green at specific intervals then it would be possible for the cars to move between the traffic lights without ever stopping at one.

The idea of maths isn’t far-fetched as Maths provides us with exact details if the calculations are correct. In Maths, the equations are direct with one absolute answer. Wilson needed to use this if he wanted to ensure a possible solution to the problem. However, the solution couldn’t be determined from Maths alone.

AOK 2: Human Sciences

This is involved because traffic jams are ultimately caused by the people in the driver seat. Due to their behaviors can a traffic jam take place and because of the congestion of cars on a single highway, all it takes is a single person to slow down for an entire highway or intersection to be locked down. Using the drone, it could be easier to be predict how people react and make decisions in different types of situations on the road. Because of the congestion, Wilson said that Ahok, the governor has implied that the new MRT system would help solve the problem.

This AOK is essential to determine the solution because we need to know how people behave on the road. Without using this, we would have no way of knowing how to solve the problem. Perhaps by using this, new rules or laws could be made.

WOK used: Reason and Intuition

Reason and intuition is the most prominent WOKs that were used to determine the problem that Wilson presented. They used logic and factual knowledge to figure out and find a potential solution to the problem that they were facing. Logic and facts work hand in hand with Mathematics which is why I believe that these WOKs were the most prominent.

However, despite the efforts that Wilson and his team made, they couldn’t solve the traffic problem. The main reason being that the technology wasn’t advanced enough as Wilson put it, to help put Wilson’s plan in motion. From a currently developing country, that is understandable. That is the limitation of the Math that Wilson presented as well as the fact that we cannot produce, precise, concordant results when dealing with humans. Sometimes using reason and/or intuition without the right facts might draw a fallacious conclusion, which is a limitation of those WOKs.

No doubt it will be a long time before traffic in Jakarta, and all of Indonesia to improve. But this is definitely a step in the right direction.