TOK Presentation Reflection

My partner for my TOK presentation was Lipi and together we presented “What determines what rights we should have?” We explained about human rights around the world, animal rights and even about potential robot rights as AI is becoming more and more advanced, it didn’t seem out of the ordinary to me that eventually, robots will develop personalities of their own and even demand their own “person-hood”.

The feedback I got from Mrs. Lautrette was that our presentation lacked focus and didn’t seem to argue anything, and it didn’t state any WOK or AOKs. Assumptions were made about everything with very little research presented to back our claims. It also didn’t present any counter-claims. Because of this, she awarded our presentation a 0.

I will definitely take this into account for my next presentation as there are many ways for me to develop and understand TOK concepts.

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  1. Thank you, Liam. This is quite brief but you have considered the key things to work on following your practice. The actual presentation was considerably better and you did a good job so it was worth reflecting on your first attempt.

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