Country Fair Service

Last Sunday, I took the liberty of subjecting myself to having kids throw sponges loaded with water to my face.

The country fair on Sunday was a blast! It pretty much had everything and everyone was participating. As for me, if you haven’t read the first line of this blog, I was in charge of the Sponge Game with several of my friends. Our job was simple, stand in the designated spot where we allow people to throw sponges at us. Dante ‘promoted’ it by saying some kids will get 1 extra throw for 1 token if they chose me as the target! Needless to say, they accepted the offer and I got pelted with 30 sponges. At the end of it, we would all be drenched with water, but we still had fun!

I could describe myself as a shy guy so advertising our stand and getting people to participate felt awkward to me. My friends helped of course and I feel this shows LO4: I show commitment. I persevere.

With this being my first time working for our community at an event like this, I can say that I achieved LO2: I undertake challenges. I develop new skills.

Next year will be my last country fair if I choose to attend. Considering how well the last one went, I’m sure the next one will be even better!