Activity Progress CP3

While Cardio ended a long time ago, I have been training in a lot of other things as well that boosts my cardiovascular activity. I run with my dog over the weekend and train with Mr. Metters on Wednesday mornings. I’m pretty sure the latter being the most intense one. Prior to IB, I also trained with Mr. Moore that provided a lot of cardiovascular training. But I digress, if you fail to keep up actions or training, you will eventually become rusty or lose your touch. I have fallen victim to this multiple times but I have managed to bounce back multiple times as well.

My target for Cardio was to run 5k in 30 minutes. In the beginning, I ran 2.2k in 12 minutes which was pretty decent. I felt confident that my neighborhood provided ample room for me to run 5k in 30 minutes. I timed myself running around my neighborhood for 30 min and I ended up running 21 laps around the circle of my neighborhood. The area I ran around wasn’t measured exactly as the road was very bumpy but it was around 200m. Which averages to around 4200m. While an improvement, I didn’t reach my predicted goal. But I will use this to improve again in future runs and training.