CAS Activity: Tennis

Due to the massive renovation that the tennis court underwent, I haven’t been able to play Tennis as frequently as I wanted. However, since it’s done now I decided to try and play again over the holiday. After playing badminton for a long time it definitely took a while to get back into ‘tennis mode’. Plus the added fact that I haven’t been playing a lot made me really rusty. However, after a few minutes I got back into it and was able to return, serve and smash as smoothly as I did before the holidays.

I used to practice every Thursday morning before the renovations which in and of itself is a chore since I live far away from school. However, I really took an interest in the local tournaments the school was hosting regularly. I participated in one and managed to win one round before getting dominated in the second. The people I was up against were no joke, they are seriously skilled. Nevertheless, I hope to join in another one in the coming months and the coach said that they were planning on hosting one soon. Hopefully I will have the time to make it there.

I definitely think that my efforts made in tennis constitute meeting LO4 criteria.

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