CAS Activity Morning Training CP

Morning Training with Mr. Metters was one word: exhausting. The types of training we had to go through… Cardiovascular, Static, Endurance. Heh, I could safely say I exercised every muscle in my body. It was rewarding, And the rushing feeling of satisfaction you get when you just did one more of what you couldn’t do or veing able to complete and exercise without stopping can be replicated by few in this world. The challenge I set for myself at the start of the year was being able to plank for 1 minute without stopping. While we have done planks in this training before, it was always when we were exhausted and we could barely move our hands let alone support our body weight. I believe my top plank was 30 seconds, AFTER I have done training. I really want to see what I am capable of if I just planked at peak condition…

Mr. Metters has commented on my improvement over the years. I have definitely netted LOs 4 and 2 with this.

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