CAS Interview 3 and Final Reflection

My final interview with Mr. Durok went reasonably well. We discussed about my overall experience with the Sekolah Bisa Band. I agreed that it was no doubt a fulfilling experience and something that could potentially help me in the future as dealing with social problems is a skill in and of itself. I candidly made the suggestion that my experience with teaching music could be a potential way to earn money by hosting private lessons during my time in university. Continuing to do so would hone my skills as a musician as well as allow me to focus on aspects which I didn’t consider when supervising the Sekolah Bisa Band. For example, asserting my own choice of songs for a student to play to bring them out of their comfort zone.The Sekolah Bisa kids were always picking songs which seemed easy and familiar. In order to truly hone a skill, you must challenge yourself to do more.

Mr. Durok also said that choosing a hobby as a job isn’t necessarily a good choice as you can get tired of it. And eventually, you don’t even find your hobby fun anymore. I enjoy playing the piano and participating in activities that help my musical side. However, do it regularly for long enough and you will get tired of it. Which is why he agreed upon my choice of a Biology degree. It’s a subject I like, and many career opportunities can arise from it.

I believe my Creative side of CAS however has been one sided towards music. Perhaps branching out towards other forms of creativity would serve me well. A lot of opportunities to get involved with groups can arise in the future, particularly at university. My activity side has been balanced on things I’m good at and things I’ve put effort in so I am proud with what I have there.

CAS was definitely a roller-coaster ride full of ups and downs, kind of like life. And has no doubt taught me how that self-improvement in anything is a necessity. I truly have had wholesome experience!

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