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For my CAS activity, I decided to undertake a new sports for my CAS activity which is kayaking. Kayaking is one of the sports that I have been curious about this last few years but I never go to chance to try it out where I am also able to improve my water confidence.

For the past 9 weeks in the recreational PE lesson I learnt  the correct way of how to sit in a kayak, how to paddle, how to get out of a capsized kayak, and undertake new challenges. For example, being in a capsized kayak can be really overwhelming, through classes I am able to figure out how to get out safely and also increase my water confidence. (LO:2) Through all the recreational PE lesson I will show commitment in coming to all the lessons to participate in the kayaking activity designed for each lesson and complete them. (LO:4) Through the check points I created for the 18 months I am able to identify my strengths and areas for growth. (LO:1). Some of the concerns I have when participating in kayaking is the fear of drowning as capsizing can be very dangerous, the weather is also an issue since it tends to rain a couple times a week and there may not be enough time to practice.

Through the course of 18 months I would like to achieve all the aims of each recreational PE class set by Mr.Cherrett, where I would record each session, the aim and the outcomes in my kayaking tracker sheet which I have created.


Within the 18 months I set goals 3 checkpoint goals , the first one is to have water confidence when in the kayak and able to perform water rescues.



Secondly is to be able to paddle in a course designed within a certain time limit.


Third and  finally is to be able to complete a “slalom” course within the desired time limit.


Other than Kayaking I have also joined badminton. I am a huge fan of badminton where I have been playing badminton for a few years now but only once every few weeks since my main sport use to be soccer. I chose to do badminton in my CHQ with hopes of improving my badminton skills through the weekly meetings that we have where I am able to train with the coach every so often and learn new skills and techniques (LO:2 and LO:4). I’m gonna track what I learnt in every CHQ session through a tracker sheet I have created.


For these last few weeks, I have been both improving my badminton skills but I have also learn new techniques like how to serve and play doubles. Through badminton in CHQ I have hopes to increase my muscle strength but also improve my hitting skills. My aim for the next 18 months is to be able to beat the coach in a game of badminton up to a score of 21 . I have thoughts of maybe joining season badminton but that choice is still uncertain.


Through out the 18 months I thought of check point goals for me to achieve every semester to see which areas I need improvements in and which are my areas of strength (LO:1). Firstly, I want to be able to do a proper back hand drive.


Secondly, I want to be able to smash properly. My third and last goal is to be able to play a game with the coach and may even beat him.



Some concern I have when playing badminton is getting injuries as when I previously play other sports like soccer I’m very prone to injuries where I have injured my ankle a couple times but also my shoulders and wrist. I’m really excited to have time to play badminton weekly and also to be able to achieve the goals that I have created for myself by the end of 18 months.

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