First CAS interview reflection

Last week, I had my first CAS interview with my mentor Mr.Morgan. We discussed about the creativity, activity and service projects I’m apart of, talking about the outcomes and goals I want to achieve in the course of 18 months through CAS. After a few weeks of going through my CAS projects, time management and commitment seems to be a key aspect.

One of the Service project I’m apart of is Girl Effect which is teaching girls English and Mathematics after school every Thursday. There was a¬†really big problem, the girls that we were suppose to teach never came again after meeting us, for the past few weeks every time we contacted them, they always made excuses how they are busy and last week they finally told us they don’t want to come anymore. Since the girls don’t want to come anymore, we have to look for other solutions to keep girl effect running, maybe like teach kids in orphanages during our free time as a group.

For Eco-committee, we have had 2 paper recycling collections due to the bad weather. We only hold collections once every 2 weeks since the school community is not really aware of this or they just don’t want to help recycle. I plan to extend my experience by increasing awareness of paper recycling around the school community, try decrease the paper consumption in the school, increase the amount of paper being recycled each week. I want to undertake the challenge to increase the amount of paper being recycled in the school community, people should recycle their waste paper instead of randomly placing them in any trash bin they see. (LO:2) I plan to promote paper recycling within the school community with my group mates through eco-committee like making electronic flyers, video campaigns. (LO:3)

Baking for the sekolah bisa rugby team is my Creativity project, where we bake healthy snacks every Sunday for the sekolah bisa kids who learns rugby on Mondays after school. From baking I get to explore new recipes which are both healthy and delicious to eat, to help promote healthy diet for the kids. To show the kids how healthy foods are delicious. For the past few weeks, me and my group mates have been baking healthy snacks for the kids like wanna bread, raisin muffin, etc, every week we try to make different kinds of healthy snacks or treats. I plan and initiated to experiment on new recipes and ingredients during my baking sessions. (LO:3) I plan to show commitment to bake every week as a group and preserver to manage my time to bake during the weekends. (LO:4)

For the activity aspect of CAS I’m participating in kayaking and badminton where in kayaking I have been learning water confidence and rescue there past few weeks, while in badminton I have been learning new skills like backhand drive and hitting practices which the coach to train my footwork and hand grips. I plan to practice my kayaking skills during the PE sessions that are provided for me and to be able to accomplish my first checkpoint goal before Christmas break. For badminton I plan on practicing during my spare time to work on my footwork by doing some cardio exercises and also practice my hitting skills. I plan to commit to the weekly meetings provided for me and be able to accomplish my first checkpoint goals by Christmas break. (LO:4) I plan to identify my strength and weaknesses through my checkpoint goals for me to be able to identify my area of growth and practice more on those areas. (LO:1)

For the initial stages of CAS, I learnt that in order to have something succeed you have to show commitment. I learnt that I have poor communication skills where I can’t really speak infront of a new audience and that I tend to stutter if I talk infront of a crowd. I learnt that I’m kind of an unapproachable person since I don’t really socialize well with new people or new surroundings.

For the next stages of CAS, I’m looking forward to see my CAS projects grow into success. I’m able to learn and experience new thing through CAS, I’m also able to identify my areas of growth and try to improve myself from them. I really hope that through CAS I am able to improve my communication skills and my confidence.



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  1. This is a lovely reflective post – and it sounds like you are learning a lot. I’m sorry about girl effect – do the Y13s who ran the project have any ideas that can help?

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