CAS service Reflection 3

  1. I identify my strengths, I identify areas for growth

In my CAS service projects, I need to improve on my communication and planning skills with my group mates for Building Literacy and Girl Effect. We need to plan ahead our teaching materials, in order to have a continuous amount of information that we can teach the children each week. Using my strength in Bahasa Indonesia I am able to communicate with the children to ensure that they understand what we are teaching them and they are enjoying the teaching sessions we are giving them.

     2. I undertake new challenges, I undertake new skills

In eco-committee, there was a new system implemented for paper recycling which caused a set back in our collection for 4 weeks. It was just last week that the new system was implemented, the new challenge that we faced was the constant communication we need to have with Pak Dartam without meeting face to face and also for the manual paper collection we the eco-committee members have to do to ensure that we collect the paper before Pak Dartam comes. This caused us to manage our time more thoroughly and plan ahead before the collections to ensure that all the papers from the each individual class that requested manual paper collection has been collected.

      3. I plan and initiate

With the weekly meeting we have for Building Literacy and Girl Effect we are able to plan some materials to teach the children with every time we meet, but at the same time these plans should be planned ahead of time since we want to ensure that these children get the best learning experience they can possibly can from us. I felt that I haven’t really been meeting this learning outcome and that I should be working towards achieving this learning outcome soon. I would like to this by being able to plan more materials to teach the children and ensure that the children would be able to learn from this in the long run.

      4. I show commitment, I persevere

Having to manage my time properly to be able to participate in most teaching sessions as possible. Once every two weeks on Fridays break and lunch, me and the eco-committee team would collect papers around school and bring them to the appropriate recycling boxes. During Fridays after school, I would meet the girls from girl effect and teach them maths with my girl effect team. And on Saturday morning, I would be teaching in Building Literacy. Without me being able to manage my time properly, I wouldn’t be able to come to these teaching sessions and help teach the children.

     5. I demonstrate collaborative skills, I recognise the benefits of collaboration

In Building Literacy, I can see that without teamwork this project wouldn’t be possible as there wouldn’t be enough people to help the children and ensure that each and every one of them is taken care of. There was only me and one of my other group mate available during that session, from that I realized that with the amount of children we teach there wasn’t a sufficient building literacy members present on that day. This caused me to recognize how teamwork plays a role to ensure things would go smoothly and that each and every children would have the attention of a building literacy member if they were I need of help.

    6. I engage with issues of global significance

Many children in Indonesia is suffering from lack of sufficient education for example the children in Building Literacy aren’t taught English in school since the government only start English lessons when they are grade 5 and above which is hard for children to learn a new language. With us teaching them English at such a young age, helps them in the future and enhancing their literacy skills.

    7. I recognise ethical issues, I act ethically

I feel that I haven’t met this learning outcome, I recognized how during our teaching sessions we need to use appropriate language when speaking to the children and the appropriate clothing. But all in all, I need to work towards this learning outcome in the future.

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  1. You have reflected well against these outcomes Nadine. Good to see you have identified areas that you need to work on.

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