Second CAS interview

This morning, I had my second CAS interview with Mr.Morgan. We discussed about the creativity, activity and service project that I am apart of, talking about whats going on during the project, what are the outcomes that I have achieved so far in these different projects. In these last couple of months participating in my CAS projects, I learnt a lot of things raging from my perspective of the world to how I see myself as a person.


For Eco-committee, I can say that after a few months of doing collections there has been a greater awareness within the school community. By creating a new recycling system with the paper recycling team, I can see a greater amount of teachers participating with paper collections each week. (LO:3). I believe through us helping to collect paper from the requested classes, there has been a significant increase in the amount of paper we collect during these collections may by 15%. I really hope, there will be a more significant decrease in the consumption of paper in school especially in the primary as it seems that it has the largest amount of paper collected out of the school community.

For Building Literacy Indonesia, is my primary CAS project where we teach children English with partnership with Yayasan Pustaka Kelana. Through this project, I thought that at first teaching the children were quite difficult since we used the methods we learnt in school which seemed ineffective. By making a more fun and engaging way to teach the children, I can see an improvement in the children’s learning where they are more excited to participate in the reading club, also there has been an increase in the amount of students we teach each week. (LO:1)

Girl Effect, after facing the problem of losing the girls we teach, we finally started Girl Effect again after a couple of months with new girls to teach.  By changing the time we spend teaching the girls, by teaching the girls twice a week instead of one, I can see that this was a more effective way as it allowed me and my group mates to cover more topics in a lesson. (LO:5)


After winter break, I decided to create a photoblog, as photography is one of my passions and I really wanted to show the skills that I learnt by doing this project. In order to have good pictures, I have to learn new skills in using my Nikon Camera, as there are some interesting features that allows me to take better pictures than that when I use my phone. (LO:2) As I rarely used a professional camera, it was quite a challenge to learn new skills and tricks in order to produce good quality pictures.

Through my service projects, I am also able to tackle the creativity aspect of CAS as I had to create worksheets and games for the children I teach using my knowledge and skills. Creating these worksheets and games were quite a hassle as I had to manage my time properly, juggling from both school work and this. (LO:1) I felt that in order to create worksheets or games that would attract the children to learn were quite difficult and it need a lot of thinking process as the worksheet needed to be attractive and also engaging to the children.


In this last couple of months, I felt that I have achieved so much in activity. In terms of badminton, I felt that I have achieved my goal of improving my footwork and drive skills. As when I participated in the JSFA badminton tournament, I could see how much my skills have improved over the last couple of months. Sadly, there were some skills I still need to improve on like my low drive skills as I felt during those tournament, it was evident by how when I got a low surf, I always missed it. (LO:1)

For Kayaking, I have also achieved my goal of kayaking in a straight line. Through the improvements of my paddle stroke and also learning new tricks, it helped significantly improve my kayaking skills. (LO:2) It was quite difficult when I tried to do a Slalom course, as it challenged my paddling and stopping skills. Time taken to finish the Slalom course were quite bad as I wasn’t able to stop properly causing me to lose some time due to it.

For my 3rd activity, I decided to do Running where my goal is to run 10 Km within 2 hours. During summer break, I’m going to create a plan that I have to follow where I have to run 5 km once a week and other exercises that will help me improve my running skills and decrease the running time.

CAS changed my perspective on how I see the world, by how even doing the smallest things can change someone’s life. Even though the deed we do its small, may be some day in the future, it can create a greater impact to the world.

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