Building Literacy Indonesia

This project enables us to create a change in these children’s life allowing them to have the opportunity to learn English which isn’t provided in school. Each week I learn new things abut the children and by how I should improve on my teaching skills in order to make sure the children will get the best learning experience from each session. (LO:1)

I felt that through this project I am able to tackle the issue of education as through this project I have the chance to teach these children things that they don’t learn in school. And instead of learning it in a boring way, me and my team try to incorporate fun ways to learn. As even just by teaching these children, it can help them in the future. (LO:6)

Building literacy allowed me the chance to give back to the local community even just through a small contribution, each week I feel we impacted these kids in a way that learning in a new school environment doesn’t. It allowed them to learn new skills and English in a fun and engaging environment which is a very different environment from what they learn in school.

With us visiting Rawamangun every week, it allowed the children to benefit from our program long term and allowed them to have the habit of reading which they can use not only in their daily lives but also in their studies from now till the future. Without us finding ways in order to teach the kids, learning English would be a difficult task since they get bored really easily when classes are not engaging. Thus, we had to learn and find new ways to teach the kids and have them enjoy the classes we teach them each week. (LO:4)

Without the contribution of my group mates, teaching the children would be impossible. As there is a large number of children and if there was only one of us, classes can get really hectic. From this project, I can really see the value of teamwork. By how without teamwork, the weekly sessions would not be consistent since we have to have at least 1 member there each session and without having enough members this won’t be possible.

During each session we are aware of the ethical concerns that may be present. That is why we also ensure that we are wearing appropriate clothing, teaching appropriate materials that are suitable to the children’s level, and that we always speak Bahasa Indonesia around the children. By being aware of the ethical concerns and knowing how to overcome them is essential for this project’s success. (LO:7)

A few months ago, our team decided to participate in National High Fairgrounds with hopes of raising money to support our project.

From this event I felt how hard it was to raise money and promote a new project in a new surrounding. Without teamwork and a lot of promotions, raising some money for Building Literacy won’t be possible. It was also hard thinking of strategies for selling the products and promoting the project so a lot of volunteers are able to join and participate in this project for the long run.

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