Final Check Point

For the last few months, I participated in Kayaking. Through kayaking I have learnt new skills and techniques which are crucial in kayaking.

My goal for kayaking was to be able to paddle in a straight line and turn without capsizing by the end of term 2. I have achieved my goal to do this, it took awhile to complete since I needed to practice and learn new skills and techniques such as how to paddle and stop, how to turn properly and many more. I tested whether I could achieve this goal through Mr.Cherrett’s ¬†slalom course which consisted of 2 stops and 2 turns. (LO:1) I finished this course in 1 minute and 20 seconds on my first try.

For my second activity is badminton and my goal was to be able to improve my footwork and drive skills in the next 2 months. I decided to test my footwork and drive skills by participating in JAAC Badminton a couple of weeks ago, I felt that I have improved my drive and footwork skills since 2 months ago but there is other skills I need to improve in badminton especially my low and side drive skills and my footwork from side to side. Without thorough training, I wouldn’t have improve nor learnt new skills and techniques in badminton.(LO:4)





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