Final TOK presentation reflection

A couple of weeks ago,  I had my final TOK presentation and it was very nerve wreaking since I felt that the presentation I made wasn’t up to standards and I thought I was under prepared.

The planning stage itself took quite a long period of time where it took me quite a while to find a connection from my real-life situation to my knowledge question. When we were asked to come up with  3 RLS during the April break, I felt that I found a RLS that I was very interested about which was the show 13 Reasons Why. But I couldn’t really described how it related as a RLS since I didn’t explain it clearly during my presentation as I got to nervous and I was at all of words.

After finding the RLS and knowledge question, explaining how it relates to an AOK or WOK was a difficult process as I felt that I was unable to explain my WOK which was reason and emotion from a TOK point of view. It took me awhile to find appropriate example which I can use to support the arguments and counter-arguments which I made. After compiling all the research I made, I felt that the TOK presentation was coming together quite well. And there was only something else that I needed to do was practice and remember my script so I was able to present my presentation well.

But before the presentation I got too nervous as I was the last one to present during period 4, it kinda spooked me the anxiety which caused me to stutter and stop quite a lot in my presentation. I didn’t really follow the points I made in my script as I got too nervous which caused me to miss some important discussions and points which I should have highlighted in my presentation.

Reading the feedback from Mrs.Lautrette, I would see how my anxiety may have affected my presentation and the discussions that I have raised during the presentation. There were some key issues and points that I missed to explain which caused the audience to not fully understand my presentation as they were some key things which relates to each other.

She also raised issues about how my arguments and examples I stated should have more research in order to support my arguments and counter-arguments better. As for the supporting statements I made, I felt that I needed to explain it more but I only slightly touched upon it during the presentation which caused the statements I made very incomplete and sometimes seem like there weren’t any connection with the arguments or the counter-arguments I made.

Another issue that was raised was about the links with other RLS which can related to the discussion I made during the presentation, the situations were more to a hypothetical personal situation and not general which can be applied in anything. I need to improve on this in the future as it is a crucial part of the presentation.

I really need to improve on this for future tasks in TOK as there were many flaws in this presentation which can cost me a lot, even with an average score, I felt that I did my best for this presentation and I hope that I can improve on it in the future. In terms of future TOK assignments or presentation, I really need to focus and improve on it further so I am able to achieve a grade that I am satisfied with. From now till the time when I need to write my TOK essay, I need to further improve my TOK skills and knowledge so I can apply them and explain them better.

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