Eco-committee progress

Eco-committe  is school project with aims of making this school green school as it can be seen that BSJ generates a large amount of waste ranging from paper, plastic bottles and many more. These are waste which we can be recycled. Being apart of the paper recycling team, our aim was to reduce the amount of paper waste generated in school but also inform the school community that paper can be recycled in the respective bins around the school which we would collect every fort-night on Fridays.

In order to make paper collection easier and allow us to collect more paper, we have created a system where teachers can just easily join paper collection by filling up the form which we send the day before collections. This not only helped us recycle more paper within the school community, it also let more people within the school know the availability of paper recycling. (LO:3)

By doing this collection, it not only help us recycle most of the paper waste within the school community, we are also able to help Pak Dartam who comes to the school every fort-night on Friday to collect the papers we recycled within the school and he is able to sell them and generate income for himself and his family.I felt that we are able to tackle the issue of reduce, reuse and recycle. Where we are able to raise awareness about this within the school, in some form we are also able to decrease the amount of paper waste generated within the school. (LO:6)

Without the being a collaborative team, we won’t be able to collect all the requested pick up every fort-night as the list usually rage from 10-15 requests and they usually come in large batches. It would be difficult for a single team member to go on collection alone is because how one class tend to have a large sum of paper to be collected for example in primary, we would collect about 1-2 large bin bags full of paper from about a single year group. That is why when we go on collection, there would be about 2-3 of us covering certain areas of the school, to ensure that all the paper are collected. (LO:5)





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