Girl Effect: Math and English

24 February 2017, marked the start of our lesson with a group of girls from SD Pondok Pucung. Each lesson would be divided into 2 parts Maths and English. During these sessions there would be around 10 girls coming, during the first few lessons, it was really hard to figure out what methods were the best to teach the girls in.

During the few couple months in 2016, we faced a problem where the girls that the previous batch of girl effect member taught stopped coming. This caused a great deal of problem towards our project, as there weren’t any girls to teach, and it took us a while to find a new group of girl to teach. But by the start 2017, we overcome the problem and resumed the girl effect program again.

One of the things I personally feel that teaching the girls is a difficult job as if the lesson gets really boring, they won’t understand. We always have to come up with new ways and methods to teach the girls in an easy and fun way in order for the girls to understand. Since I’m more exposed to learning in a way which the girls would find uninteresting, I had to expose myself to new ways of teaching and understand it in a deeper level in order to in cooperate it in the lessons we teach as a group.

With us being able to commit to teaching these girls weekly for the last school year, I feel that we have helped these girls as much as we could have. Helping them in their school work and also problems which they feel they need help in terms of academics. By separating English and Maths lessons into 2 separate days, we are able to cover more information within the one hour we teach them rather than just having one lesson and only covering the bare minimum.

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