Running Checkpoint 2

Its been almost 3 months since my post for checkpoint 1. I have followed through with my schedule shown CP1 in the google sheets. I feel hopeful that if I continue following the running practices each week, I would be able to run 5Km within 1 hour as from the practices I am able to run a longer period of time compared to when I started in July. I have decided to run my final 5km on the 5th of November.

Learning outcomes met:

LO4: I show commitment, I persevere (Staying motivated to follow my schedule of running at least twice a week and doing monthly 5Km trials to see my improvements)

August ( 5km – 1 hr 20 mins) and September (5km – 1hr 5 mins)

LO:1 – I felt that each week I learn from my past mistakes and able to try the new skills needed and improve my old ones to achieve my goal.

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