Running Checkpoint 3/ Final Checkpoint

Better late than never……

On November 5 2017 as planned, I ran 5 kilometers during Car Free day and timed myself. Through this activity, I have learnt many valuable skills which were crucial in achieving my goal of running 5km within 1 hour. The outcome of this was that I ran the 5km within 48 minutes which was better than I expected. The image above shows the timer I used during the test. The weekly training sessions really helped me a lot as it prepared me for the real test. It helped me build endurance so I would be able to run the 5km as my body has adjusted to the schedule I have created at the start of this activity.

This was the celebratory photo I took when I finished the 5km run with my friend during Car Free Day.¬†Without thorough training, I wouldn’t have improve nor learnt new skills and techniques which helped me achieved my goal. Even in my busy schedule, I was proud to have kept up with my 2 times a week training which benefited greatly during my final test. (LO:3 and LO:4)

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