Final CAS interview

Today I had my final CAS interview and these are some of the things my mentor and I discussed during this meeting.


I think in terms of service I have achieved a lot in the last 18 months. For my primary service project, Building Literacy Indonesia, I think I have worked towards and achieved outcomes 1. I felt that through this project I was able to integrate my love for reading to this program and help give back to my community. I was able to improve my communication and planning skills through this project as by using my skills and knowledge that I learn from school, I was able to give back to my community and help the students I teach have better skills which they can use in their future endeavors. For the last 18 months, I could see the improvements the children are making and how engaging they are. This program not only help the children benefit from my teaching but also help me improve my own skills.

In terms of Eco-committee, after careful planning and brainstorming we created a new system to collect paper which made our collections more controlled and planned out. It allowed each member to collect a larger amount of paper waste at a quicker time and also allowed a larger part of the school community to participate making BSJ a better green school. I felt this was a great achievement for this project and especially for my team, as this allowed us to not only grow in terms of our collection but also at the same time further help our community partner which the larger amount of paper we collect. 

I think the best indicator for my engagement in service would be the time spent on these project and the things I have contributed to the different projects and how much has it impacted the people I am helping.


I think creativity in my CAS project and experiences is very important as without it I don’t think I would have been able to complete the things I have in each project or experience. For example, in Girl Effect without being creative in my methods of teaching, I don’t think the girls would have benefited as much as they have. As by being more creative in our teaching methods allowed the girls to learn in a more fun environment which can help them retain their knowledge for a longer amount of time.

And also in my Photography blog. without having any creativity with the photos, I have taken, I would not have been able to get the essence of the picture and have it to what it is today. From what I see with me being more creative it increases the quality of picture I am taking and also helps me communicate with my audience even better.

Creativity is an aspect which really impacted on me and is a key factor for me to work towards the different learning outcome. And I think creativity really contributed to my experience with CAS and helped me shaped a better mindset of how to approach things.


I think with activity, it really helped me a lot with my time management and planning. Like in running, I was doing it in one of the busiest months of Year 13. It was kind of shocking that I was able to follow through with my schedule, this really showed me the importance in planning and persevering towards the goals you have set for yourself. As when you achieve that goal, you can feel a moment of relief and excitement that you have done something you would not have predicted you can do.

I think it would have been better if for Kayaking and Badminton that I practiced even more even after my goal was achieved. This would have really made a greater difference towards me playing that sport.


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