In Year 12, I made a PE target for CAS, which is to improve my aim when I set because sometimes my fingers aren’t firm enough so the ball spins upwards instead of towards my partner, so I decided to practice an extra 10 minutes after each PE lesson to improve my setting skills.

Since Term 2 and 3 of Year 12, I have been playing volleyball every PE lesson, and have practiced 10 to 15 minutes afterwards to improve my serving and setting skills. At home, I also practice against my wall, developing new skills at the same time- such as using one arm to hit the ball. Due to IB stress, I practice volleyball a lot more often, both alone and with my friends. I have participated in SEASAC for two years in a row, and hopefully a third year this year, and have committed to the practice sessions throughout, almost never missing an afternoon/morning practice.

Although setting is not my strongest skill, I have learned how to persevere and practice my weaknesses. I have stuck two sticky notes at the top section of my bedroom wall to practice my aim when I set. This helps my aim and helps me set higher, and I’m glad that I wasn’t afraid to break down my weakness and use different methods to improve myself.

Additionally, underarm serving has been one of my strengths since I joined the volleyball team, although not completely consistent. Apart from skills, I play volleyball with passion as it’s one of my favorite sports and is one of the things I’ve been able to dedicate my time to. However, I do have some areas of growth- including setting, showing more leadership skills, and spiking perhaps.

Overall, I enjoy this sport a lot and hope I will continue to practice with commitment this year. Below are some pictures from SEASAC and JAAC tournaments to show my engagement with volleyball. A video of me setting against a wall will come very soon! 🙂

IMG_8487IMG_6339 IMG_6333IMG_6332

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