Last Wednesday (9th November 2016) I did my first CAS interview with my mentor, Mr. Ryan MacDonalds. In this interview, we talked about my engagement in creativity, activity, and service so far.

My CAS projects that I’m involved in so far:

  • Felline Cross
    • This CAS project is basically about saving both cats and people around the school. The school is currently hiring an organisation to get rid of the cats, and we thought that this is considered animal cruelty, therefore we are here to save the cats. However, these stray cats could possibly carry dangerous diseases that could be passed to the people around the school. So we’re here to take care of the cats without hurting them, as well as keeping the people around the school save from cat diseases.
  • HOPE
    • This CAS project raises orphanage(s)’ future by means of raising awareness and funds/donation. Right now, we’re focusing on raising awareness to get more people know about our aim, as well as getting enough awareness to receive donations and funds. We are currently affiliated with two orphanages: Yayasan Sayap Ibu and Fajar Baru.



In HOPE CAS project, I’m in the flyer group. So I think this is considered creativity. I also designed a logo for the Feline Cross CAS project. As an individual, art is one of my hobbies and I considered myself experienced with the application PhotoShop. Therefore I can use this skill of mine to help my CAS projects with art related stuff, and maybe some more art for other projects as well.


For my action, I’m currently doing trampolining for PE subject. Then I have Wushu for my after school activity every Thursdays. I also planned to join the basketball activity, and I will attend the basketball trial this week. I will definitely do each of this activity every week, therefore I will ensure that I’m consistently being active.

For my developments, I just need to list out all the different skills and techniques I’ve learnt in trampolining and wushu, because I’ve never learn anything about these activity. Therefore everything that I will learn in these activity will be new for me and I will keep learning different new skills and techniques. However, I’ve played basketball since many years ago, so I would just like to practice and ensure that my skill is not rusty, and also train to improve my stamina as a basketball player.