Feline Cross is one of my first CAS projects that I joined since the early years of Year 12. This is a fresh project found by my friend, and we all think that it would be a great idea if we have our own special logo. Around late October 2016, some members have already designed some concepts, including myself.

One of the early concepts of Feline Cross logo (Left by EunSoo, Right by Wysiana (me!))

I shared my ideas to Feline Cross members and it turns out that they like my idea better. So I decided to go back to my concept and refine it with different ideas of colours and techniques.

The image above shows the variety of my ideas regarding different techniques of colouring 

Sharing it to the Feline Cross group one more time, the community is pleased with the colours that I’ve chose, but gave feedback that they like the way I colour the ribbon softly but not how the cat is. So they wanted me to combine two of the techniques above.

Feline Cross Final Logo by Wysiana (me!)

Finally, Feline Cross community is satisfied with the final logo after I edited it based on their feedbacks. Now, this image above is the new and official logo for Feline Cross.

Learning Outcomes

  • LO 3 : I plan and initiate
    • This whole designing process shows that I planned the whole design and initiated with the community for feedbacks
  • LO 4 : I show commitment
    • After designing a rough concept of the logo and the community like it, I committed and continued to refine my design until the final one was decided.
  • LO 5 : I demonstrate collaborative skills, I recognise the benefits of collaboration
    • I collaborate with the community and communicate ideas in order to achieve and decide on a final design of our logo.