Back to school after the long winter holiday break, we resumed our activity for Physical Education. This means that I’m still doing trampolining, and still working to achieve my SMART goal. Here it is again:

“By the end of term two, I should be able to construct a 10-bounce routine including complex movements such as the swivel hips and front drop, possibly the backdrop.”

From my previous check point, I have succeeded to learn 5 different basic trampolining movements/technique. However, this is definitely not enough to construct a final 10-bounce routine to achieve my goal. Therefore, I need to learn more complex movements such as the back drop or front drop, and I could also try to combine some basic movements to form another complex movement. An example would be a seat drop to half turn to seat drop.

This time, here’s what I’ve achieved for my second check point :

  • Upgraded my seat drop into a swivel hip (seat drop to half turn to seat drop)
  • Learned to perform a front drop
  • Combine the movement front drop to seat drop and vice-versa

Time achieved : The middle of term two, February 2017