Last Sunday, which is the 14th of May, 2017, our school held an event: Country Fair. Here, both students and parents from both inside or outside of school are allowed to come and have fun. There are many different booths selling food, drinks, and even games with prices. I see this event as an opportunity to engage in CAS: Service, therefore I had volunteered to participate in the booth: Face painting. I’ve never had any experience of face paint, however, I am an art student. I think I can just imagine that I’m painting normally on a canvas; it should work the same?


This event starts at 10 am in the morning, but my other two friends and I (the first shift) came in 9:30 am. With this spare time available before the event starts, we decided to unpack the face paints and do some practices on our own faces or our own hands.

When the first customer comes, my hands are incredibly shaking! I felt really nervous because I’m afraid of making mistakes or ruin the whole face paint; the worst is disappointing our customers. After overcoming my first face paint, the rest of my ‘mission’ felt a little bit easier.

An image of one of the face paints I did! Sadly this is not the finished version and I forgot to take pictures of finished version 🙁

Then comes the second challenge: Drawing something symmetrical! Some of the face paints design are symmetrical in both faces, while some are only the right or left side. When a customer demanded a symmetrical design, I have difficulties to do the left side of it. I do made a lot of mistakes when painting, good thing that I can easily erase face paints using wet tissue, but if I’ve gone too far, I couldn’t just erase everything!

The image above shows I’m painting a symmetrical design on a child’s face. Sadly again, I didn’t take the picture of the finished version. 

After plenty of face painted, my shift is finally over (at 12:30) and it is time to rotate to the second shift. I felt that I’ve gained experience of face paint as well as a couple more Learning Outcomes based on CAS:

  • LO#2: I undertake challenges, I develop new skills
    • Since this is my first time doing face paint, I undertake challenges because I have to make sure that I satisfy our customers. At the same time, I’ve developed new skills and experience for face paint!
  • LO#4: I show commitment, I preserve
    • Since I’ve volunteered for this event since about a month ago, I commit to this event and make sure I show up on the date and stayed until my shift is over, making sure that I’m doing what I’m supposed to do.
  • LO#5: I demonstrate collaborative skills, I recognise the benefits of collaboration
    • I couldn’t have done all of the face paints alone, which is why i have two other friends with me. There are a lot of customers as time goes on, and with team work and collaboration, we divide our jobs efficiently and helped each other when needed.