Just yesterday (13 June 2017), I met my CAS mentor for my second CAS interview. This “interview” is to inform my mentor what I’ve done and achieved so far throughout year 12 (2016-2017). As mentioned from my first CAS Interview blog post, the two service projects that I’m involved in are: Feline Cross and Project Hope. Bellow are what we’ve done and achieved throughout the year.

Feline Cross

What we achieved:

  • Planned on building a cat sanctuary inside school grounds
    • The sanctuary will be a closed area to keep the stray cats. During school hours, cats are kept inside the sanctuary and prevents interactions between students and cats. Outside school hours, the cats will be free to roam around the school.
    • The sanctuary will be separated in two areas; the smaller area behind the sanctuary will be a quarantine room. This is where the cats will be isolated if they have special conditions; however they won’t stay there for too long.

  • Granted the permission to build the sanctuary
  • The sanctuary was fully built

What we plan to accomplish next year:

  • Decorate the inside of the sanctuary by creating cat furniture for the cats (e.g. scratch post, cat beds, food container, toys, etc.)
  • Start “taking” cats in. The sanctuary is indeed built, but currently, there are currently no cats inside. To “take cats in” we need a special collar for the cats, and also vaccinate them and keep them healthy from germs.
  • Decide on whether or not we should sterilize the cats. There is still an internal ‘conflict’ going on between the group arguing between sterilizing or not sterilizing the cats. We need to think of the pros and cons as well as ethical judgement to make this decision.
  • Make a general rule/warnings to be placed in front of the cat sanctuary

Project HOPE

What we achieved:

  • We arranged an ‘event’ for one of the orphanages to come to school. In school, we play activities and games together and entertain the kids.
  • Raise awareness by selling wrist bands with our group logo on it. By doing so, we’ve both raised awareness and raise funds for the project.
  • A lot of our member pitched in and donated old books to a member from our group project. She sells the old books online and donated the money received to our project. This has helped our group with funding.
  • We collected up to ~11 million from all of our fund raising, and with this money, we’ve bought a washing machine and washing powder for one of the orphanages. We hope to achieve more of these in the next school year.

What we plan to accomplish next year:

  • Doing more fund raising and help to purchase tools for the three orphanages we re associated with.
  • The gaming tournament is actually one of our events that we planned to raise awareness and funds; however due to us being a little disorganized, the event was canceled. We will see if we can bring this event back next year.
  • Arrange more event for the orphanages to come and spend time with the group members.


  • Wushu activity: During my first term, I joined an after school activity for a self defense called wushu. I’ve learned a lot during my lessons, however, the majority of the students who joined this activity are little kids, so I felt like I’m not improving or learning at a decent phase. Therefore I’ve decided to look for another activity.
  • Trampolining in PE: Trampolining is something that I’ve never done before, which is the reason why I chose this activity for my PE lessons. I’ve definitely learned a lot and achieved my SMART goal as one of my activity. (Last checkpoint blog post)
  • Basketball in PE: Basketball has been one of my favorite sports since years ago. Sadly, I haven’t got any chance to play ‘seriously’ in the last 1 or 2 years, which is why I chose this activity for my next PE activity. My classmates who joined the basketball activity are all male, and since I’m a little bit rusty in my skills, I’ve felt a great challenge throughout this activity.
  • Tennis activity: For this term, I joined tennis as one of my after school activity. Again, I’ve never played tennis before and I really want to learn new skills. Throughout this activity, I definitely learned a lot of new techniques.


  • Conducted a workshop for year 7s. (ATL workshop) to help them develop their skills in one of the areas of IB learner profile. (Blog post here)
  • Made a logo for one of my service project: Feline Cross. (Blog post here)
  • Made some posters for the gaming tournament for Project Hope.
  • Helped with making a school map for an application developed for the students visiting our school during SEAMC math competition.
    • Volunteer to conduct ice breaker games and puzzles on a hotel where the students from other south east Asia stayed for the night (Blog post here)
  • Volunteered to be in charged of a face painting booth during country fair at school. (Blog post here)

So far, I’ve learned a lot of different skills especially involving teamwork and contribution with a team. By contributing and teamwork, we are able to achieve much more and set a higher goal for the future. Despite our achievements, we still faced multiple obstacles such as failing to accomplish an event from Project hope, and the hardships gone through to obtain permissions. However, this year has allowed me to learn and obtain various skills and experience involving CAS. I’m looking forward to accomplish much more in the next school year and hopefully be a better individual for the community.