This is quite a late update, but here’s my third checkpoint for trampolining! From my second checkpoint, I’ve succeeded to upgrade my seat drops into swivel hips, learned to perform front drops, and try to perform and combine multiple movements together (e.g. swivel hips to front drop to feet).

Re-mentioning my SMART goal:
“By the end of term two, I should be able to construct a 10-bounce routine including complex movements such as the swivel hips and front drop, possibly the backdrop.”

Since this is a third checkpoint and I think that I’ve learned sufficient amount of techniques in trampolining, I think I am safe to start constructing my ten bounce routine. This is not an easy thing to do, because I need to think about which movement/technique will work/look better if combined with another technique; and sometimes I also need to try it out during lesson and see if I can do it. Here’s a photo of my routine plan:

and here’s an example video of me trying out possible combinations for the techniques (in this video, it is tuck jump-seat drop-front drop-seat drop-to feet):

Time achieved: a few weeks after the second checkpoint (~Early March 2017)